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From now on people who want to be registered members of forum, just need to use their el game name

This Forum is no longer just registration restricted to guild members.
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PostSubject: Code Of Conducts   Code Of Conducts Icon_minitimeMon Jul 18, 2011 1:35 pm

For these rules here we have a great room of latitude for guild members. You may have reason to go against them in single cases and this will be tolerated. But if you are in habbit of not following those ideals at all the council may dismiss a member for the breaking.

1 Be an honorable trustworthy player: this means

1.1 Keep your word when you give it.
1.2 Do not beg for stuff and expect them to get them for free.
1.3 Do not claim exlusive rights at multiple spawns if many people want to do daily or quest.
1.4 Do not start verbal fights with others.
1.5 and of course follow the RIP rules.

This section may get bigger with the time.
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Code Of Conducts
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