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 Neno Hunt !

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PostSubject: Neno Hunt !   Neno Hunt ! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 7:59 am

This was the second Neno hunt of the day. Malameo and _DEATH_ pinned and poisoned one earlier and Binky delivered the coup de grace. This however is the chronicle of the 2nd kill of the day.

Trapped in the WS sewers, Candi, Binky and Cabman kept Neno pinned on one side while Malameo held the other while dropping poisoned caltrops. However Binky couldn't help playing in a hole she found...

Neno Hunt ! Binky11

Malameo did the job with perfect precision. Here's Neno taking poison and dropping hp....

Neno Hunt ! Neno110

He doesn't look that tough...

Neno Hunt ! Neno210

He certainly had enough left in him to get up close and personal with Candi (I hope no one gets jealous)...

Neno Hunt ! Neno310

Binky had a miscue when going for her second kill shot of the day and sadly departed us so Malameo had to step in and slay the beast...

Neno Hunt ! Neno610

Neno Hunt ! Neno410

Neno's dead, and to the victor goes the spoils...

Neno Hunt ! Neno710

Neno Hunt ! Neno910

1 hour and 15 minutes elapsed total time. Not bad at all. Congratulations!

[00:02:42] #GM from malameo: hm
[00:02:46] #GM from malameo: how many ppl alive?
[00:03:15] #GM from malameo: neno in the sewer ;p
[01:18:20] #GM from malameo: killed

Drop: 50kgc; Day of Non Stop Stone

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PostSubject: Re: Neno Hunt !   Neno Hunt ! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 7:19 pm

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Neno Hunt !
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